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Tenth Legion has long been considered the greatest – and most hilarious – book on turkey hunting. Many people who hunt turkeys do so with an attention to detail, a regard for strategy, tactics, and operations, and a disregard for personal comfort and convenience that ranks second only to war. As for all cultists, it never occurs to them that they may be anachronisms. Supremely unconscious of the rest of the world, blind and deaf to logic and reason, they walk along their different roads in step to the music of their different drums.  Tenth Legion is not how to hunt turkeys, it is why we hunt turkeys.

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Colonel Tom Kelly
About the Author

Col. Tom Kelly

Thomas Henry Kelly Jr, born May 15, 1927 in Mobile Alabama. Tom spent his youth on the Needle Coast as they called the salt flats in and around Mobile Bay. Tom joined the United States’ Navy at the age of 17. He wanted to be part of America’s military. He became an Aerial Gunner and International Morris Code operator. The war ended and Tom went on to Auburn University to obtain a degree in Forestry. 

 When the Korean war began, Tom was called up again as an officer. He retired from the United States Army as a Colonel. During his years as a forester, Tom often wrote short stories about Wild Turkeys and turkey hunting. His wife, Helen suggested that he put those ideas into a book. In 1973 Tom self-published what has become known as the “Bible of Wild Turkey Hunting,” Tenth Legion.

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With A Little Bit OF Luck

With A Little Bit of Luck-3CD Audio Book, Read By Colonel Tom Kelly

When you come right down to it most of our turkey hunting, no matter how much we may pretend otherwise, is covered in the first words of that old English drinking song, “With a Little Bit of Blooming Luck” I’ll take my share of it. Anytime.

With a Little Bit of Luck Book Cover
Infinite Variety Cover

Infinite Variety

Infinite Variety-4 CD Audio Book, 2019 Read By Colonel Tom Kelly

Tom’s title comes from a line in William Shakespeare’s play, Anthony and Cleopatra. “Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale/ Her Infinite Variety.” The phrase easily could apply to the honorable sport of Wild Turkey Hunting. As all Tenth Legion members know, there is an infinite variety of birds, hunters, locations and…tricks a bird can play on a human.

Faces in the Crowd

In 2002 Tom Kelly self published his 7th book, Faces in the Crowd. We sold out of hardcover copies in 2005. This reprint is a Special Signed Edition with a few pictures and a silk marking ribbon.

Faces Sold Out

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